Nota Web Component and API

Human and Machine Annotation of PDF documents


Create projects, configure annotation colors and metadata, add documents, retrieve annotations via a REST API; OCR PDF scans using a top-rated OCR provider.


Add a web component to your application and utilize a JS API to interact with annotations. Customize the workflow and look-and-feel of the annotation component.

PDF Annotation
PDF Annotation

Allow users to highlight text in PDF documents according to a color coded annotation schema. Overlapping annotations and push events from server are supported.

Import and Export Offsets
Import and Export Offsets

Retrieve formatted PDF text and annotation offsets. Let users unwittingly generate training data for Machine Learning while performing their day-to-day document review tasks.


You focus on your application, while Nota takes care of the nitty-gritty of PDF and annotation rendering. Integrate Nota in Document Review workflows to create unobtrusively "training data" for text-based Machine Learning and Information Extraction.

Nota's features allow you to quickly integrate Technology Assisted Document Review in your custom workflow and application.

  • Human annotation of PDF documents
  • Conditional OCR service for PDF scans
  • Configurable color-coded annotation schema
  • Export of a formatted version of the PDF text
  • Import and export of stand-off annotation (character offsets)
  • Import of machine-generated (Machine Learning, regular expressions, etc.) annotations for manual review and corrections
  • Support for overlapping annotations
  • Real-time document updates and collaboration (push events from server)
  • Include Nota in your custom workflow by implementing JS event callbacks
  • Retrieve and populate annotation data via a REST API
  • Compute inter-annotator agreement statistics and monitor annotator performance
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Built by Developers for Developers

With Nota API, you can deliver awesome automation for document review focusing only on your domain workflows and data characteristics.

Set up projects, annotation configuration, submit documents via a REST API.

REST Documentation

Include Nota.js in your HTML and configure event handlers.

JS Documentation

Let users annotate during document review. Supported features include overlapping highlights, smooth multi-column text selection, poor quality PDF scans, document search, jump-to-annotation.


Export formatted text and annotation offsets and metadata. Build awesome Machine Learning applications or let us